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Welcome to the StoreBioinfo web portal!

This portal let you organize your large scale life sciences data projects. You may:

  • add any colleague in the Norwegian research community to your project, and share your data with them
  • upload and annotate many files at once, letting the upload job finish with little manual intervention.
  • have FUGE technology platforms producing data for you upload them directly to your project

To apply for a storage quota:

  • Send an e-mail to
     contact {at} bioinfo.no 
    specifying your request. Please read the documentation on topics to cover in your request
  • A project will be created for you by the system admins that the quota will be linked to

To apply for a login account only, to be able to become member of projects other people own or you may own in the future:

  • Contact the help-desk by e-mail to
    contact {at} bioinfo.no 
    and simply ask for an account.
  • Then project owners will be able to see you in the system and can invite you on board their own projects.